2018 Year End Praise Report!

Merry Christmas and Happy New year!
2018 has been a wild year, and I want to write you all and thank you for prayers and financial support! As far as ministry, this has been one of the most fruitful years ever for us!
  • We opened a new school in what’s considered the slums of Cambodia
  • Globus (a company that helps over 500,000 people a year travel) is featuring Landmine Design products, including cruise ships)
  • We opened 2 new Landmine Design locations—hiring over 20 women
  • Finished our first completely calendar year with 2 full time on the ground missionaries in Asia
  • While our founder recovers from surgery, I’ve been trusted to lead our organization
  • We celebrated our first full calendar year as Kalos Church here in Seattle (346 attended our last service!)
Praise God that people are being reached with the power of the Gospel! The darkness will never overpower the light of God! 

As we head into 2019, we are excited to see more impact in our schools, impoverished communities and partnerships with global organizations. 

To be honest, however, Pradeepan and I are actually the most excited about meeting our new baby girl in March!!! 

Our family is growing, and while we are fully of joy—please pray for us to navigating from going to “zone defense” to “man to man” coverage when it comes to children 🙂
We realize this is going to be a huge transition for our whole family—especially our 2 year old son. Obi is now going to therapy 6 times a week for his developmental delays, and they are also helping him get ready for the upcoming transitions.
As we navigate family, ministry, church planting and missions work, would you please pray for grace, wisdom and clarity?
Also, as we end 2018, would you pray about financially supporting me as a missionary?  I am looking to raise an additional $500/month to help as we move forward into a fruitful 2019. These funds help us meet the monthly living costs of our family and allow me to continue working at LightBridge while also co-pastoring our church with Pradeepan. I’ve been with LightBridge for seven years now and am so grateful for supporters like you who make it possible for me to impact people in my own neighborhood and the world, specifically Southeast Asia. 
If you would like to give, please visit http://www.lightbridgeonline.org/donate
and click the “staff support” button. Please include “Amreitha Jeeva” in the “additional information” section and “monthly support” if you are planning on supporting me through out the year. 
Again, thank you all for your support—it’s make a huge difference in my life and in Asia! 
Much Love,