dots and stars

I haven’t written in a few days. This blogrimage may have been my worst in terms of consistency, haha!

As I’ve done a mediocre job of publically reflecting on my last year, I have spent some significant good time reflecting privately and between my husband and me.

A good friend sent my family a book a week or so ago called, “You are Special.” It’s a children’s book and while she noted that it was for Obi, she also felt like in general, our family was special to her. So kind!

For the last week, I have read this book out loud to Obi every day. And it just dawned on me today the timing and relevancy of this book for my own life.

The book is about this village full of wooden people who received stars or dots depending on their looks, experiences, talents, etc. Stars were good and dots were bad.

One little wooden boy only ever got dots because he just wasn’t anything special to the people who saw him and interacted with him.

One day he met a wooden friend who didn’t have any dots or stars on her and had never seen anyone like that before.

After asking her why she didn’t have any, her response was that they fall right off her. She told this little wooden boy to go see Eli, the craftsman who made all the wooden people and he could help him too.

So he went to Eli and he saw all the dots on him. He reminded him how much he cared for the boy and loved to spend time with him. He told him that it didn’t matter what anyone thought of him except himself, the creator.

Sure enough, this truth got in the little wooden boy’s heart and his dots began to fall off. He realized that accepting the truth about him based on what his creator ultimately thinks helped him decide what really matters or “sticks” or not.

Isn’t that story like us?

This last year has been a year full of dots and stars for me. I think more STARS than dots! But the few dots that stuck were quite heavy. My dots weren’t even necessarily what people thought or didn’t think of me as much as just hard life realities that happened and reminded me I need my creator.






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