Kalos Fundraising, Day 30

WE DID IT!  My team and I hustled, reached out, blogged and gave it our all for 30 days straight!  It’s amazing all the wonderful things God has done!

Although the blogrimage is over, our fundraising journey continues on.  It may continue for many more months.  So if you feel compelled, please continue to share our story, sign up to give and pray that we would truly share the beauty of Jesus with the wonderful people of Seattle and Bellevue Washington!

So I can’t share the big news YET!  But something so MONUMENTAL in the Kalos story happened within these last 30 days that we began our fundraising journey.  It’s one of those marks in our story that we will tell our children about….that’s how HUGE it is!  Tomorrow, we make the announcement!  Trust me, it was worth every evening of blogging, every Tuesday of fasting and prayer, every uncomfortable phone call for support….worth it all.  I can’t wait for you to find out tomorrow!

Although the blogrimage is over, I have decided to keep writing.  Part of me is hating that I’m telling you this because I have to keep my word… (eyes rolling).  BUT!  I am actually excited.  I love to write….mostly.  I won’t be writing everyday but a couple times a week.  The goal isn’t necessarily to get a ton of readers but to keep up the discipline and practice writing as I also practice speaking, teaching and preaching.  My plan is to continue to write about our church planting journey…..from my heart, eyes, my angle and my personal story.  So if you’d like, follow along and let me know your thoughts if you’d like!  I won’t be posting my blog on my FB page anymore either…so if you’d like to follow along, come check out my page each week right here.

Okay so again TOMORROW!  I’ve shared the wins along the way but tomorrow we share the biggest WIN of all in the last 30 days!

Thanks 2017 Blogrimage!  I truly won’t miss discussing fundraising everyday anymore!  HAHA!


We are loving life in Bellevue!  It was only months ago that I wondered if this place would be a fit for us moving to a place we really had never been to and choosing to call it home because of God’s call.

To be honest, it feels like more than a fit.  It feels free!



Kalos Fundraising, Day 29

A friend messaged me last night saying she is saying YES to becoming a monthly sponsor to Kalos Church.  I was floored because this isn’t someone I was in a lot of conversation with.  But someone who’s been following our journey and is choosing to care.  That means so much to me! Thank you Rachel! 🙂

Lately, I’ve been thinking about leaders in my life I respect and admire. They’re all individuals who are willing to be vulnerable, bring others into their process and have an ability not to care what people think in their mess….to a certain extent. They are individuals who are comfortable in their own skin or rather, understand their identity in Christ and so live with that assurance and confidence even when life is crazy. They’re people who understand that everyone experiences times of weakness and strength and so aren’t scared or shamed by their own struggle. Then there are other leaders I’ve had who although “have it together” are those I find myself being less influenced by. Their “togetherness” breathes an air of striving and constant tension.  Just pondering this a bit as I navigate those thoughts for the culture of my family and church.

This blogrimage has been a bit vulnerable for me as asking for people’s support means sharing the challenge, the problem and the need. But I truly believe that humility takes bravery. It’s easier to believe this for others in their struggle than ourselves. But through this church planting journey, I chose to believe it and accept it for myself. Humility, Bravery and Vulnerability. Those words ring so true for all of us.


Here’s another Easter picture from last year! Our dearest friends Ben and Debbie Block made Obi his very first Easter basket! So thoughtful and so sweet!

Oh how I miss that tiny babe!



Kalos Fundraising, Day 28

Today was a HUGE DAY!  Like, we will forever remember this day in the story of Kalos Church FOREVER!

But!  I can’t tell you what it is!  If you don’t follow us yet on social media, please do!  We are doing a big UNVEILING this FRIDAY!  It’s so exciting, I’m telling you!  And on top of that, the story is unbelievable!  Something only GOD could do!

On another note, I spent time with my neighbor today and feel like we could be best friends! She literally said today…”I was hoping cool people would move into the house across the street from us and now I’m so glad it’s you guys!”

WIN!  We’re cool!   🙂


Since Easter is coming up, I thought I’d take it back to Obi’s first Easter last year!  He was just a tiny baby back then!




Kalos Fundraising, Day 27

I go into these last 3 days of the blogrimage unbelievably moved by the progress and strides we made toward our goal of $500k.

We didn’t reach our goal but man alive am I encouraged by individuals who decided to believe in this with us and support Kalos Church!

And who knows what could happen in the next 3 days!

God showed me this beautiful scripture that I have been considering as fundraising continues but the blogrimage comes to a close.

Psalm 116:7

“Return to your rest, my soul, for the Lord has been good to you.”

Boy has he ever!  My heart is at rest, my soul calm because in this moment looking back…..He surely has been so so good to us.



This morning Obi talked to himself in his crib for an hour and a half before finally falling asleep for his nap. He’s so entertained by his own voice!


Kalos Fundraising, Day 26

4 more days!  4 more days and the 2017 Blogrimage is over.

Honestly, we’re all thankful that it’s coming to a close. Writer’s block on fundraising hit for me dayyyys ago!

But I’m thankful for the discipline. In fact, I’ve decided that I’m going to keep blogging and continue to share my story as a church planting wife a couple times a week. I’ll share more on that later.

Would you consider giving to Kalos Church monthly? We are in great need of funding. The area in which we live is a much higher cost of living and bottom line is we are humbly asking for your prayer, for your support and your generosity.

Would you help us fund the change we want to see in our new community?  Bellevue is on God’s heart and we are excited to see HIS plans unfold here.

You can give at: kalos.church


Obi is getting his 7th tooth! We’ve had a couple of rough nights but he’s so tough. I adore these boys.





Kalos Fundraising, Day 25

Here are a few random but fun thoughts!


  • A friend text me today and asked how she could give online! I was so thankful to receive this text and realize people are praying and considering my invitation to give.
  • We’re meeting our neighbors!  Next week, I’m taking a meal over to one of my neighbors house. She and her husband just had their second baby. Thinking about what to make and hoping it will be a blessing!
  • Next week I’m also going over to another neighbor’s house to talk about children. She is a mom of a two year old and used to be a nanny. She’s also from Bellevue and I’m taking every opportunity I can get to learn more about this area, learn about what would be best for kids ministry and hopefully make new friends.
  • Today, our family went on another hike in the beautiful rain forest that surrounds our home.  It was gorgeous and only 2 minutes away!


Praying tonight that God would be our great provider. I believe it’s his desire to establish Kalos Church here in Bellevue even more than it is ours. We may be the ones on the ground, but the truth is, it takes an army of people to advance God’s Kingdom and build the local church. To those who have given generously and sacrificially, we are forever grateful to be in this together.



Obi lights up when we play outside and go on nature walks! He’s SO HAPPY out there. He just talks and giggles and sings the whole time. It’s so cute!


Kalos Fundraising, Day 24

My Dad had heart surgery today.

I didn’t think very much about fundraising.

It’s tough living so far away from home on days like today.  But thankfully, everything went well during surgery and he is doing well.




Rainy Seattle days call for cuddling on the couch with his big boy blanket.


Kalos Fundraising, Day 23

I got the craziest text today.

So Pradeepan and I are so excited to be heading to Alabama in a couple weeks for church plant training.  Kalos Church got accepted to become an ARC church plant, which is a church planting organization that will help us in many ways along our journey.

The expenses for our trip were going to be a bit higher than we expected but a friend in MI has a friend in AL who she thought could host us. Well….my MI friend’s friend in AL shared with their small group down there that we were looking for a place to stay for a couple nights for training and a sweet couple in their group offered to cover the expenses for a hotel for us.  What!  We are complete strangers to them! Can you imagine covering the cost of a hotel for people you have never met before? I feel like I’m not even sure how this happened.

I certainly plan on paying forward this incredible gesture. There’s so much good in the world, so many people willing to advocate for you and your dream.

This couple has no idea the teary eyes I had when all of this was unfolding. They don’t know about the blogrimage, they don’t know about our fundraising goal, they don’t know if their investment is in a family they know will steward it well….but somehow God connected their heart to our story. They’re choosing not to need to know before blessing us.

Can God provide for us?  Yes and always.  Is trying to raise $500,000 for Kalos Church too much? Not for Jesus, whose pursuit of humanity knows no monetary value.

Thank you to the strangers in Alabama who love God and willing to care about a crazy couple from Michigan on an adventure to plant a church you may never even see.


Today Obi pulled my hair and I pulled his back. Then he stopped pulling my hair, to pull his.

My kids a genius.


Kalos Fundraising, Day 22

Met some new neighbors yesterday and today!  If you know anything about how I grew up, you know that there was not a house within visual distance from my house, LOL!  Now I live in the suburbs and there are SO MANY houses around us!

MY BATTERIES GOING TO DIE!  This is a fast one!

I pray you would give to Kalos Church as you read and follow a long on this journey!  God is good and we press on!


That hair.


Kalos Fundraising, Day 21

I rarely get flustered about money. But today I have to admit, the weight of it all, both for our family and for Kalos Church felt heavy. I was a little salty about some expenses we were needing for an upcoming trip and wrote an email where I had to remind myself to….”ask good questions while not criticizing, don’t be a smarty pants, stay kind, don’t write anything you’ll regret” email.  Lol.

Why can’t God just miraculously make the trees in my beautiful new backyard grow dollar bills and we can end this campaign right here and now, haha?!

I know I know….He’s producing great things in me through this process….basically, all the reasons I gave in yesterday’s post.  🙂

Doesn’t it seem like everything is SO MUCH MORE expensive when you’re broke? HAHA! Like I was doing a little online shopping for shoes for my son because Lord knows he’s walked through all his shoes right now!  Somehow $10, felt like $40 as I considered how much longer we could wait for new shoes for him.

I share this honestly knowing we’ve all been here and really, we’re doing just fine.  In fact, cutting costs, staying tight and prioritizing is the right way to live anyway!

Please hear me say how thankful I am for even the ability to get groceries, my home and so much more! My work among the poor always keeps these days and thoughts in perspective. But we gotta stay real. We’ve all been through seasons when we look at our budget and could use those trees that grow dollars….wherever they are!

Thanks for love, kindness and support!

Sign up today at kalos.church to donate!


What is it about kids in the tub that makes you want to take their picture?