Day 30 of 30

The final life lesson of this years blogrimage:  don’t just be inspired but do something with it.

often after reading a book, listening to a sermon or experiences overseas, I tell my husband how inspired I was. He always responds with, “inspired to do what?”

thats usually where I don’t have an answer. I’m working on this bc I think inspiration can lead is to make big differences in the world. 

Next time you’re inspired, let it inspire you to take action. Do something. Let’s not allow inspiration to just make us feel good. Let it take us to steps forward.

we may not always be inspired to keep going, this is where discipline comes in. But let’s take advantage of the time we are overcome with inspiration! 


Day 29 of 30

We are only one day away from this years blogrimmage being over! 

Todays life lesson: discipline

i don’t consider myself a very disciplined person naturally but I push myself to be disciplined on purpose. I think it’s so important to building healthy habits. 

Even if it’s one time a year, the blogrimmage gives me another opportunity to be disciplined! 

So join is next year if you didn’t this year. Discipline can be fun! 


Day 28 of 30

Today’s life lesson is: people watching

im at the airport. I love people watching. Ever tried it? Ever prayed for someone you’ve never met or known? 

People watching is insightful and fun! 

People watching is not to be confused with starring. But to see people. Everyday people livin life just like you and me. 

A little girl just ran by in pink boots, holding her teddy while runnin after her dad carrying her happy meal. 😊

people watching. Try it!

Day 27 of 30

Today’s life lesson/tip:

if you ever get a chance to hang out in downtown Denver, you must drink my favorite beet juice.

its amazing. Healthy. Earthy. And satisfying.

im obsessed with it. 


Day 25 of 30

Today’s life lesson is this: believe you’re enough.

I’m enough. Even in my struggles, my wrestling and my issues. I’m enough. I can be a wholehearted person, not when I’ve arrived at all my destinations but today, even in my imperfections.

I wrote the above quote in my journal as I have been reading a great book on how men and women deal with their vulnerabilities and how being vulnerable takes courage. I love this book bc it seems like these things can’t be measured but actually the author of this book through the interviews of thousands of people found patterns and interesting conclusions about these subjects with men and women, religious or not and cross culturally. 

It’s interesting to see statistics on such things. 

We’re enough. You’re enough. Keep growing and improving but be free in knowing that today you are loved and valuable. Don’t let weighty things in your past or present hold you back or keep you down. 

You’re enough. 


Day 23 of 30

Today’s life lesson: some of my travel favorites while flying!

I’ve had the opportunity to travel internationally a lot…and I love it.  There are some necessities that I find crucial to keep in my carry-on when flying over the ocean on long flights!

Although International flights give you a pillow and a blanket, I always take my neck pillow!  I request the window and then I use both pillows for a more comfortable sleep!  Whoever invented these was a genius!


Wisps!  I used to pack a toothbrush and travel toothpaste for the flight.  Not anymore!  I  think the bathroom water in planes is weird and nasty… I use these!  They’re amazing and they keep your mouth fresh and teeth clean!  The little ball on the inside gives off a toothpasty feel without the foam.  No spitting.  Just clean and feel fresh!  Then throw it away!



I LOVE these wipes!  Better than hand sanitizer.  I’ve always had a feeling that hand sanitizer really isn’t working but we’ve all been brainwashed to think so.  Whether it’s true or not, I like these because you can actually see the dirt come off your hands and onto the wipe!



There’s really no right or wrong snack to take on a 13hr flight.  But I like train mix because it’s a perfect mix of sweet and salty.  You can eat it for a small snack or if the plane food is too much for you to stomach….you can fill up on trail mix and feel great about it!

trail mix


Even though International flights provide headphones for you….I like to take my own.  I like taking earbuds because they go in your ears and you can really watch anything without hearing the guy beside you snore.  If you’re like my husband, you’ll want soft earbuds because he watches SO MANY movies and they’ll be in your ears for several hrs!



There you have it!  I have some more favorite international travel tips!  May write about those later!

Day 22 of 30

today’s life lesson is: never give up.

i was thiiiis close to not blogging today bc it’s been crazy! But we’re in the final stretch! I can’t quit now or even skip a day!

no matter how tired, busy or crazy life is….it’s only 30 days out of the whole year to really push myself to finish blOgging. I can do it!

And so can you! 

even when it’s technically the next day, day 22 is important! 

Dont give up. Don’t quit. Just keep going and finish strong! 


Day 21 of 30

Today’s Life Lesson/Tip is one my husband taught me!

When cleaning house & you have A LOT of cleaning ahead: Listen to some great podcasts!

I can’t even remember life before podcasts.  Seriously, we have no excuse for not learning all the time!

Today, Pradeepan and I had to deep clean our house….it felt really good actually from all the winter muck.  Spring cleaning!  But really we did it because we have family coming into town for Pradeepan’s ordination Sunday.  We even bought a new shower liner….haven’t done that since we got married!  Is that gross?!!

Here’s who I like to listen to on podcast: Ravi Zacharias (let my people think), Jimmy Evans (marriage today), Brady Boyd (new life church)

I’d love any suggestions you wonderful people out there might have!

When you’re all podcasted out….turn on some LOUD music!  Makes cleaning go by faster as well!  

Today’s cleaning tunes: Katy Perry

There you have it!