Hi Cornerstone Church!

I feel like my family and I have had some incredible milestones happen this past year!  I got married.  My husband and I started new jobs.  My sister adopted her first baby.  My mom and dad became grandparents.  SO MUCH! Milestones are so cool because they’re marks in our life journey that are the most meaningful.  They’re like posts set in the ground as we continue on our paths that we can look back on and say…wow, I wouldn’t be where I am today, if it not for that first post or that fifth post and so on.

If you are a member of Cornerstone Church and you are visiting my site for the very first time, welcome!  I was not able to be at church this morning because my brother had a very important milestone happen in his life this weekend in KS.  He and his wife graduated from college!  I simply couldn’t miss such an occasion and celebration of family!

Please feel free to scroll through this blog and read some amazing stories about what is happening in Cambodia and Thailand….and even Michigan!  I love to process, so many of the things I write about are lessons God is teaching me about himself and the world.

I’m so glad you heard some of what God has called me to do in Thailand and Cambodia through LightBridge International!  Thank you so much for your support, prayer and giving.  I love this family of God so much!  🙂

I have a prayer team that I update frequently on the events and prayer needs of our organization.  You are welcome to join that team!  I don’t send too many emails and if you chose to sign up, you would be getting emails directly from me on what’s happening.  Please email me at:


to join my prayer team!

If you’d like to learn more about LightBridge International, hop on over to our website at: http://www.lightbridgeonline.org

Can’t wait to be back in Michigan and connect with all of you soon!