Christian and Buddhist

A recent prayer update I wrote for all of our sponsors at LBI.

At LightBridge we are constantly challenged to have God’s perspective about our orphanages in Thailand and the Minefield village in Cambodia.  We see over and over how God is passionately pursuing the hearts of each of our orphans and village families.

As we share the gospel in each of our locations, we often wonder what it would be like to be a Christian in a nation that is predominately Buddhist.  Although we all believe in one God, one gospel and one faith, Christianity in other countries can look every different.  In fact, God recently revealed to us how important it is to continue praying for our orphans and their understanding of Christianity.

This past April as we visited Jury’s orphanage in the Mae Sot refugee camp along the Thai/Burma Border, we had a chance to connect with several of our sweet orphans.  In talking with a teenage boy, we asked him if he knew Jesus.  We were so satisfied and happy to hear him say that he does!  We then asked him if he considers himself Christian or Buddhist assuming we already knew the answer.  To our surprise, he said Buddhist.

We were bewildered!  How does this boy consider himself a Christian and a Buddhist?  That’s when it began to dawn on us that Buddhism is so much more than a religion to this boy.  It’s his culture.  It influences him in every aspect of his life.  He didn’t chose to be Buddhist. In his culture, you’re born into it.  It’s not a decision you make one day in your life.  It’s what you are because you were born in Burma, Thailand or Cambodia.

We began to have a different understanding about our orphans and how courageous they are for believing in the gospel of Jesus in a nation with very little Christian principle or perspective.   The good news is, someone shared the gospel with this boy and his orphanage director is now teaching him about Christianity each day.  He has made a choice to be a follower of Jesus Christ on his own, not something that was decided for him.  We began to see differently how amazing our orphanage directors are for sharing and living a gospel contrary to their society for our orphans.  God is passionately pursuing his children.

God is able to transform these kids from the inside out.  His love is reaching and touching the hearts of these orphans in the midst of a nation that doesn’t believe in Him.  Would you join us in praying for our orphans to truly believe and identify themselves as Christians?  Would you pray with us for strength and boldness for our orphanage directors as they challenge these orphans to live for Jesus? Would you join us in praying that the gospel of Jesus Christ penetrates their hearts so deeply that they would become difference makers for Jesus in their part of the world?

At the Minefield Village in Cambodia and our precious orphans in Thailand, our prayer is that they know how much Jesus loves them and He would become their Savior.  Thank you for your commitment and support to each one of our precious orphans and Minefield families.  God is using you in his passionate pursuit of each one.